Upcoming Events 


On May 26, join Dr. Pamela Adams at 6:30 pm for a Sharing Hope Community Conversartion. She will be accompanied by moderator Nyemade Boiwu and Vernon Hall (NJHA).  Be sure to register here sharinghopeonline.eventbrite.com For more info, stay tuned via IG @faithfulandfavoredinc 


Sign up today for and join Dr. Pamela Adams @ 5:30 pm for an event focusing on Women Veterans and the impact of the pandemic [COVID-19]. See you there!

Meet Speakers 3rd Annual Women of Color

On June 3rd, Dr. Pamela Adams will be speaking at the Women of Color Summit. Register for this event at www.eleversity.org/summit today! Stay tuned for more information!

2021 Upcoming Events Calendar