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The Faithful & Favored Approach

Webster’s Dictionary defines maintenance as “the act of preserving from failure or decline.”  Everyday we perform maintenance - on our cars to keep them going, on home appliances to prevent wear and tear, and on our lawns and yards to keep them looking pristine.  Wonder why the one source that needs the most maintaining is often the most neglected….OURSELVES! It is vital to provide personal maintenance to prevent emotional and spiritual decline and that’s where Faithful and Favored, Inc. comes in.  We provide the tools to keep you aligned personally, emotionally and spiritually. This is accomplished via Peace Together’s Private Counseling Practice and The Servant Leader Ministry and Speaking.

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Peace Together offers solutions to a problem that is plaguing the world today – mental illness.  The mission and vision of this practice is to foster an environment where personal growth can be achieved without the fear of judgement or condemnation and to provide professional counseling services with proven methods to assist individuals’ transition from “pieces to peace.”


The delivery of services that Peace Together offers is broken into 3 quadrants: Personal Awareness (which is private or group counseling), Health & Well-Being and Mental Maturity (which is lifestyle management).  By incorporating all six dimensions of wellness in our deliveries, we can assist our clients in achieving their full potential.


The Servant Leader Ministry and Speaking goes beyond traditional preaching and teaching. As a renowned authority in Church Administration and Ministry Enhancement, The Servant Leader is available to assist churches and ministry groups with workshops, seminars, teaching, preaching, governance and policy development.


The delivery of services that The Servant Leader Ministry and Speaking offers is broken into 3 quadrants: Speaking Engagements (which is traditional pulpit speaking), Ministry Engagements (which is non-traditional ministry speaking, i.e., workshops, seminars, prayer breakfasts, etc.) and Ministry Administration (which is Board of Presbytery setup, policy & procedure establishment, etc.) .

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